Crowdsourcing: Vitamin Water Announces New Flavor

Following up on my earlier post about Vitamin Water’s crowdsourcing efforts to create and name a new flavor, a winner has now been selected. The new flavor, voted on by the brand’s Facebook fans, will be called “Connect” – with Facebook’s logo prominently displayed on the packaging.  All told, one million people participated in the initiative. That’s a lot of people who will no doubt be interested in buying the product.  What a great example of crowdsourcing!

Full details about the can be found here.

Great Viral Marketing – Steve Nash and Vitamin Water

I thought I would share a video that has very quickly gone viral, a hilarious infomercial spoof written, produced, directed by and starring Steve Nash.

Also, here is a very interesting and related article from Marketing Magazine on how the nature of athletes as brands has changed – with athletes leveraging social media to mold and control their image.