Thoughts on Mentorship

Over the years, I have been extremely fortunate to have had a number of kind, knowledgeable mentors in my career. I honestly do not believe I would be where I am today without their guidance and willingness to share insight and information based on their own experiences. They have been true treasure chests.

I received my start in marketing thanks to Frank Dennis, the President and CEO of Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company. Yes, Frank taught me a lot about marketing – specifically, disciplines from Kraft, Swiss Water’s former owner. More notably, through Frank, I learned an how to conduct myself as a marketing professional. With coworkers. With suppliers. With customers. With everyone I came into contact with.

Recently, from a greater geographical distance, I have had the opportunity to learn from Sean Moffitt and my involvement as a volunteer advisor committee member for The League of Kickass Business People. The marketing world has changed signficantly over the last few years, turned upside down I would say. Through Sean, and others in the league, I am learning how companies must adapt and reinvent their marketing strategies in order to breakthrough in the present climate. I am also learning skills and gaining experience that will enable me to benefit future employers with a forward-thinking marketing mindset.

I am always on the lookout for other potential mentors, I don’t believe there is a limit as to the number one can have. At the same time, I would like to develop the experience that will enable me to give back and mentor others.

Mentors can play a key role in career success. Who has helped you get to where you are today?

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