The Sky is the Limit (or is it?)

rocket-launch-67720_640There is a lot that I want to achieve over the course of my life. A lot. I consider myself to be an ambitious person, as I am very focused on working hard to achieve goals that I continually set for myself. There is just so much to experience and so much to learn in this great world of ours, it seems that my list of goals continues to grow and grow.

However, having ambitious goals is one thing. It’s quite another to orientate one’s mindset towards actually achieving them. Personally, over the last while, I’ve started developing my own plan outlining a path towards attaining personal and professional goals – inspired in part by Chris Guillebeau’s planning process.

As an extension of that, I’ve also been building a bucket list of things that I’d really like to do and accomplish in my life. The list is definitely a work-in-progress, as I add new goals based on recent inspirations or I remove those that have been achieved. I’m not ashamed to admit that some goals may remain unattained, whether through changing life circumstances or other happenings, but that’s not the point. It’s establishing the process that matters.

That being said, here is my bucket list. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a few things I need to get to!