Read and Recommended (Jan 15)

Here are a couple of articles and a blog post that caught my attention over the past few weeks.

2010: The Year of Mobile

(Peter Kim’s blog) A year from now, we’re going to look back on what happened this year and declare that it was finally the “year of mobile.”

Social Media is the New Super Bowl: Pepsi Refresh and What It Means to Marketers

(The Forrester Blog for Interactive Marketing Professionals) If you track Social Media news, I’m sure you saw the eye-catching headline: “Pepsi’s Big Gamble: Ditching Super Bowl for Social Media”. For the first time in 23 years–23 years!–the brand will not be purchasing a Super Bowl spot.  Instead, it is sinking $20M into a Social Media program called Pepsi Refresh. The Pepsi Refresh site will allow people to vote for worthwhile community projects, and Pepsi expects to sponsor thousands of local efforts via this program.

The #1 Problem Most Brands Have

(Mitch Joel’s blog, Six Pixels of Separation) It’s not about profit. It’s not about customer service. It’s not about inventory. It’s about consistency.