Timely Outdoor Advertising by BMO

I often find that outdoor advertising is lacking. Lacking in elements that engage passersby in delivering a message that will drive brand awareness or impact sales. Some companies are now turning to digital billboards, which I believe are conundrum from a safety standpoint; I would much rather that drivers keep their eyes on the road.

That said, this Bank of Montreal billboard ad, located near my house, caught my attention today. I think the billboard is beautiful in its simplicity, and the timing is great given the recent rise in mortgage rates. Kudos to BMO and their agency on a smart media buy.

Personally, I think it would have been great if they went a step further, by including a call to action to visit a mini website that answers some of the many questions current and future homeowners likely have.

A Bus Shelter Ad That Works

Bus Shelter Sign I was riding my bike in Coquitlam the other other week, when I came across this bus shelter advertisement. Completely baffled, I was really curious to check out the website mentioned at the bottom – D-9.com.

Of course, the ad was for the new move District 9, which is now in theatres.

From my perspective, the ad is brilliant, in part because it follows several important rules of communication.  First, it was completely unique and unexpected. Definitely not your typical bus shelter ad – I did not know what was being advertised,and I was drawn to find out more. My curiousity was perked.

Second, the ad was very concrete.  There really was not much opportunity for misinterpretation due to abstraction. D-9.com was going to have something to do with humans and aliens.

Finally, the ad was simple. The website address was very easy for me to memorize. I didn’t try the phone number, but I imagine that there was an interesting recording on the other end.