Read and Recommended (Nov 20)

Here are a blog post and an article that caught my attention over the past few weeks.

Will Oprah’s Move to Cable Dampen the ‘Oprah Effect’?

NEW YORK ( — Oprah Winfrey’s decision to end her long-running syndicated program is a bet on the future of TV — that niche cable channels, with their dual revenue streams from advertising and subscriptions, will be a more stable media base, and that technology will allow any content provider to reach its core audience in a more direct fashion without having to be seen at a certain time of day and on a certain channel. But the move may end up diminishing her power as a mover of products.

When data and decisions collide

(Seth Godin’s blog) Until recently, most of the decisions we were called on to make were based on hunches, insight and a little bit of data. Occasionally, a field like direct marketing would develop into something quite data-driven (“I don’t care if you like mailer one, Smythe, mailer #2 did three times, better! Number 2 it is.”) but not often.