Do the Brands You Love Match Your Inner Values?

I saw an interesting Tim Hortons commercial this evening. It was not a typical Tim Hortons commercial.  There no hockey rink, no parents driving their children to practice or a game, and it wasn’t set in an office with coworkers vying for the latest Tim Hortons muffin or doughnut.

Rather, the commercial communicated the efforts Tim Hortons has been undertaking to assist farmers in coffee growing communities – providing farmers and their families with technical skills, medical assistance and education.  The program is called The Tim Hortons Coffee Partnership. As someone who worked for five years in the coffee industry, and as a coffee lover, I was glad to  learn about this program.

Ultimately, I think it is a win-win for both the company and the farming communities. On one hand, communities receive additional funding and support, leading to an improved standard of living. On the other, their ability to produce better quality coffee is improved.

My question to you.  When making a purchasing decision, how important is it for a company to go beyond just providing a product or service, and be involved in community-based initiatives like this one?