Read and Recommended (Feb 11)

A pre-Olympics edition of Read and Recommended!  Hare are a couple of articles and a blog post that caught my attention over the past few weeks.

Why Visa’s Going Big for the Olympics

( Longtime Olympic sponsor Visa is broadening its exposure this year, for the first time launching a global campaign tied to the Games.

How Toyota Can Flip the Funnel

(Joseph Jaffe’s blog) It’s tough going these days if you work for Toyota or any of its partners. It’s tougher being a customer especially with the doubt surrounding loose floor mats and sticking accelerator pads and safety concerns in general. And then there’s the perceived broken trust and the lost credibility associated with a brand that seemingly reigned supreme in terms of relationship, bond and loyalty.

In the Age of Friending, Consumers Trust Their Friends Less

( Whom do we increasingly trust less? Us.

It’s a finding that strikes at the foundation of many a social-media marketing philosophy: Tapping into peer-to-peer networks is a way for marketers to tell authentic, credible stories to consumers whose confidence in corporate CEOs, news outlets, government officials and industry analysts has taken a beating. But according to Edelman’s latest Trust Barometer, the number of people who view their friends and peers as credible sources of information about a company dropped by almost half, from 45% to 25%, since 2008.