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Are you in the mindset of shipping? Do you focus on delivering quality work and output in a timely manner, but with a realization that it might not be 100% perfect?

Often times, I think that people spend too much time trying to achieve perfection. It’s not that producing quality output isn’t important – it is. However the time spent achieving perfection can often best be utilized for other pursuits.

I’d rather produce 10 projects that are really, really good as opposed to one project that is perfect. Recently, I’ve spent some time working for a couple of startups – I honestly don’t think they’d survive if they didn’t focus on shipping.

Do you strive for perfection? Or do you have a sense for when the time is right to move to the next task?

  • Brian G. Rice

    Good post, Eric!

  • Judi Samuels

    In our business (marketing), perfection is a very difficult tag to define. It is best to be really really good, and then to move on to building another really really good project. If done well, opportunities to refine can come during execution, and often with the support of communities.

    Thanks for the post Eric.


  • eric

    Well stated, Judi! Thank you for taking the time to read my post and comment – I appreciate it.