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Read and Recommended (Oct 23)

To keep abreast of the latest trends and changes in marketing and social media, I believe it is very important to scan through other blogs and articles – and learn from the experts.  Inspired by Briana Tomkinson, a Strategist at Fjord Interactive, I intend to share articles of interest on here from time to time.

Here are a several articles and blog posts that caught my attention over the past couple of weeks.

Why It’s Time To Do Away with The Brand Manager

BATAVIA, Ohio ( — Managing a brand has always been a slightly odd concept, given that consumers are the real arbiters of brand meaning, and it’s become increasingly outmoded in today’s two-way world. That’s why a new report is going to recommend changing the name “brand manager” to “brand advocate,” and fundamentally changing marketer organizations in response to the onset of the digital age.

The report, due out next week from Forrester, finally puts the onus on marketers to change their structures — a welcome conclusion for media owners and agencies who keep hearing how they should change, but often complain that their clients have done little to shift their organizations to cope with an increasingly complex world of media fragmentation and rising retailer and consumer power.

Social Media and the Gentle Art of Management

(Mitch Joel’s Six Pixels of Separation blog) If there is one question that circulates around boardrooms, organizations and enterprises, it is: how do we manage Social Media from a management perspective?

Companies Seek Social Butterflies

(The Toronto Star) Calling all wired-in twentysomethings with a flair for Facebook and a talent with Twitter: You can make a career out of your perpetual online presence. As employers have moved to crack down on staff using office time to post photos to Flickr or tweet ruminations about their misadventures, the savviest companies have instead mobilized their cyber social butterflies as a key part of business strategy.