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Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Often times, small business owners underestimate the value of marketing in growing sales and generating revenue. As such, they don’t devote nearly enough resources – in terms of talent and money – to the marketing function. To be fair, many small business owners juggle a multitude of tasks, making it easy for marketing to get lost in the mix. However, even small investments in marketing can make a large difference.

Here are some ways in which small businesses can build awareness about their products and services.

1. Build a presence on social networking websites. Create a group for your business on Facebook. Invite all of your friends and contacts to join,and send periodic updates about your business (for example, new products or services offered) through the group. It’s entirely free, and fairly easy to manage.

2. Think out of the box, and be creative with your marketing strategies and tactics. Maybe you’ve always ran an ad for your business in the local paper. Instead, perhaps consider investing an incentive program that will entice your current customers to invite others to sample your products or services. Remember, the most powerful form of advertising is word-of-mouth!

3. Sponsor a community event that is relevant to your business and your target market. Show your customers, or potential customers, that you care about your community, and you will help bond them to your brand.

  • Joe Machuta

    Great post! I think the more that can be done to make small business owners aware of what they can do is a very important service. Anything that gets them a leg up in promoting their business is good.

  • eric

    Thank you for the kind compliment, I appreciate it. Yes, I do believe there is an opportunity to improve awareness about the benefits of marketing. Also, I think many small business owners do not realize how many talented freelancers and small firms there are out there who can help.

  • Darren

    Eric is very good at pointing these things out for small business owners. He’s helped me in so many ways to improve my marketing and how I spend my time doing it.

  • Ben

    Good post Eric.

    I might ad linkedin and linkedin groups to the list in addition to facebook. Or do you consider that under the social networking umbrella?

    Ben – photodreamz

  • eric

    Hi Ben,

    Thank you for taking the time to comment on my post! My apologies or the delayed reply, I’ve been away on vacation for the last week. Yes, I agree with you, LinkedIn can be an excellent platform for marketing a small business – particularly in the business to business realm.